BeoGram 4500 with Phono Preamp and MMC3 cartridge



BeoGram 4500 Record Deck Manufactured: 1988 - 1991 Designer: Jacob Jensen Colours: Black/Aluminium In building the Beogram 4500 turntable, Bang & Olufsen applied all its classic principles to ensure reproduction as close to perfection as possible. The electronically-controlled tangential arm played each record exactly as it was recorded. And there were built-in systems that helped prevent vibrations reaching the cartridge or turntable. Beogram 4500 employed a finer, ultra-light MMC3 cartridge that combined distinguished sound reproduction with maximum protection for your records. Beogram 4500 could be used as part of the Beosystem 4500 hi-fi system, and - having an inbuilt RIAA pre-amplifier can be plugged straight into the AUX port of your modern B&O equipment and enjoyed with the minimum of fuss!