Complete Beginners Hi-Fi Stereo System



This is a complete stereo system, and while it may be "entry level" by our standards, it consists of vintage hi-fi pieces that we have refurbished and warranty for 90 days. We would be totally happy using any or all of these components ourselves in our home stereo! Everything you need to be playing records/radio/mp3's/and more is included, you can start listening as soon as you get it home. Details on the components below: 


Hitachi HT-324 Turntable: equipped with Shure M70EJ cartridge with brand new needle, brand new belt, and fully serviced. 

Teac A-7 Integrated Amplifier+T-9 Radio Tuner: This Japanese made integrated/tuner combo pumps 40 watts per channel, has plenty of tone controls, can handle two pairs of speakers, and has several inputs including Auxilary for your phone/laptop/etc...

Polk Audio R15 speakers: Lovely 2-way bookshelf speakers that are dynamic and louder than they look. They can handle up to 100 watts.