Cowboy Junkies - Whites Off Earth Now!!(First Canadian pressing)



Nearly identical to Cowboy Junkies - Whites Off Earth Now!! except for the address listed at the bottom of the rear sleeve is not blacked-out on this issue. Printed on back cover: Captured live at Studio 547 on June 28, 1986 on a digital two track using only a Calrec Ambisonic Microphone. Edited and Mastered Digitally. An M.D.I. Production Special thanks to Johnny Guitar for his help with the Embryo. A Latent Recording Contact: Latent Recordings, 407 The Kingsway, Islington, Ontario, Canada M9A 3W1 Printed on spine: Made in Canada Printed on labels: MAPL icon indicating 50% CanCon (Artist, Performance) Publishing/rights on labels: A1: Prestige Music A2: Bruce Springsteen Music A5: Wynwood Music B2: CAPAC B4: Noma Music