Frank Zappa - No Commercial Potential (2 LP boot! Vinyl is VG+)

Disc 1 consists mostly of a live recording in Rotterdam, Holland from the "200 Motels" era. Disc 2 appears to have been recorded live in the U.S. Tracks A7, A9 & B3 are studio cuts. The opening of Side A and Tracks A8 & B2 are FZ monologues. Track B1 includes a version of "Stick It Out". Each side is one continuous track. Packaged in plain white sleeve with white and yellow labelled discs, with side numbers typed on. There is a pale yellow info sheet attached, with red printed graphics and type, with a bizarre story ("The Story So Far") and the tracklisting. The tracklisting does not indicate any track positions. Side A: 25:53 Side B: 23:35 Side C: 26:15 Side D: 26:17 "TAKRL 1929" is etched in the run-out, scratched out and replaced with "SODD-02-003". Label name is printed as "SINGER'S ORIGINAL [DDoubIIeDiskkc".