Heaven 11 Billie MK2 Integrated Amp w DAC and Phono - Brushed Gold Chassis!



The Billie Amp runs between $1650 and $1750 U.S. depending on the finish you select, gold being the more expensive option. Also available are a variety of different knob options for around $50.00 for most. If you are into the look, the Gold looks superb with the walnut knobs, the contrast is striking. Speaking of striking, the whole amp has a premium sleek appearance with a simple face. Another thing to note about the controls is, the Billie has a remote as well to control the volume from where you are sitting. The Volume knob is a motorized analog style. You can also use the remote to change songs and some other functions as well. It fits in just about anywhere in both appearance and size. Don’t let the small size fool you, it packs 120 watts into the chassis as well as an excellent DAC, and Tube Preamp. Manufacturer Specs: Amplifier Class D ICEpower 125ASX2 120W RMS 4Ω / 60W RMS 8Ω Preamp Class AB Tube Preamp 2 x ECC99 [12BH7 compatible] DAC 32bit / 192KHz ESS ES9018K2M HI-RES, HD AUDIO compliant 3 Analog Inputs 1 x vinyl [MM phono stage] 2 x RCA line inputs 2 Digital Inputs 2 x S/PDIF optical inputs 1 Wireless Input 1 x Bluetooth aptX/AAC/A2DP Speakers Out 1 X stereo speaker terminals [accept bare wire, spade connectors, or 4mm banana plugs] Pre/sub Out 1 x volume-controlled pre out [for subwoofer or active speakers] Headphones Out 1 x 1/8″ (3.5mm) 150mW@16Ω, 90mW@32Ω Voltage 110-120V 60Hz or 220-240V 50Hz [Factory configured / not user-selectable] Dimensions 14.25″ x 8″ x 2.75″ 36.2cm x 20.3cm x 7cm [L x D x H excluding tubes] Weight 12 lbs. net / 13 lbs. shipping weight 5.4 kg net / 5.9 kg shipping weight