Jim Guthrie - Sword & Sworcery LP - The Ballad Of The Space Babies



Soundtrack to Superbrothers Sword & Sworcery LP for PC & iOS devices. Third pressing is an edition of 1000 with limited edition print by Pendleton Ward. Cover features embossed "Sword & Sworcery" logo and album artwork by Craig D. Adams (Superbrothers). Editions ordered from Bandcamp included immediate download of digital audio files. Lucky Lacquers uncredited, identified from matrix. Each track has an alternate title listed on the tracklist: Dark Flute (Far From Scythia) Lone Star (The Road To Mingi Taw) Doom Sock (The Lair Of The Gogolithic Mass) The Prettiest Weed (Woe Woe Woe) The Cloud (The Archtype) Under A Tree (The Moeatian Marshes) The Maelstrom (A Time Of Woe) The Ballad Of The Space Babies (A Song Of Sworcery) Unknowable Geometry (Praise Be To The Trigon Trifecta) Bones McCoy (The Deathless Spectres) Ode To A Room (Behold The Dark Moon Rock Show) The Prettiest Remix (We Are The Smartest) The Whirling Infinite (Detonating The Megatome) Little Furnace (Epilogue)