Kuzma Stabi S w/ Stogi Tonearm, External Power Supply, and Lid

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Product Specifications:

It's unique shape and construction of solid brass rods provide an extremely rigid connection to platter, bearing, and tonearm support. There is no flat plate to resonate and transmit vibrations, only solid brass rods 50mm in diameter.

The bearing is of highly polished, fine grain carbon steel with a one point contact, while the bearing sleeve is of a resin/textile material which has excellent damping, non resonant properties. With a mat on top and rubber insert underneath, the platter provides a stable non-resonant platform for records which, in addition, can be clamped.

The turntable can accommodate various tonearms by the use of different brass bases and it allows for VTA adjustment on any tonearm mounted.



 Mass (kg) 13
Platter Mass (kg) 4
Platter Material Aluminium
Bearing Type Pointed Shaft
Shaft Diameter (mm) 10
Chassis / Levelling brass/no
Turntable levelling no
Motor (pcs) 1 AC
Belt rubber
External power supply Optional
Speeds (rpm) 33;45
Armboard no (optional)
VTA adjustment yes
No. of tonearm 1 (+1 Optional)
Suspended  no
Dimensions (mm) 400 x 300 x 170
Finishes Brass or black
Clamp Optional
Mat Yes
Lid Yes
Accessories Oil; Alien keys