Kuzma Stogi Ref 313 VTA Tonearm

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Product Details and Specifications: 

Effective length 313 mm
Arm mount distance 212 mm
Distance from spindle to horizontal bearing 300 mm
Bearing type Precise Ceramic ball bearings
Effective mass 14 gr
Total mass 2010 g
Offset angle 17.4*
VTA adjustment Precise VTA tower
Azimuth adjustment Precise worm drive
Tube Conical
Bias Yes
Max. Standard cartridge weight 15 g
Optional light and heavy counterweight Yes
Damping No
Detachable headshell No
Arm mount Kuzma
Standard wiring Copper, RCA Bullets ( 66 pF )
Accessories protractors, Allen keys, cartridge mounting screws
Options XLR, 5pin