Little Fwend - Disco (Technics 1200)



Say hello to your new Little Fwend, an automatic and adjustable tonearm lifter that smoothly, safely lifts up your tonearm at the end of a vinyl LP – saving you time, hassle, and worry while also preventing any possible damage to your arm, record, or cartridge. Much more elegant, classy, and accurate than any other lifter ever devised, Little Fwend looks incredible and adds refined sophistication to any turntable. It's at home with both entry-level ‘tables as well as reference-level high-end rigs that will benefit from this great device. Featuring a release antenna made of high-grade carbon-steel Roslau piano wire and high-friction padding comprised of neoprene rubber for the ultimate tonearm rest platform, Little Fwend combines unstinting build quality and unsurpassed precision to give you unprecedented performance. Available in three different sizes (Disco/Technics 1200, Low, and High), Little Fwend fastens to a steel mounting platform via magnetic force that keeps the lifter firmly in place but also allows you to easily reorient the trigger antenna to match the run-out groove area of any record. That's right: Within seconds, you can fine-tune adjust Little Fwend to the exact spot the side of any LP ends. Such flexibility, accuracy, and variability has never before been available on any lifter, and we've never seen a lift with such a premium appearance. Eliminate the inconvenience of running to your ‘table after an LP ends, preserve the life of your cartridge and tonearm, accent the look of your turntable, and improve your analog life with Little Fwend. We guarantee you'll love it!