Magnum Dynalab MD-108T Signature FM Tuner with Flight Case/Remote/Manual and Matched Telefunken Black Diamond Tubes

The 108T Signature Edition shares the same internal architecture as our MD109 tuner. The tuner board is Magnum Dynalab’s best we have ever made, the TRACC MKII audio has been under development for 10 years by Zdenko Zivkovic, it features Teflon By-pass caps, fully balanced output, on board trimmers so tubes can be matched as they are listened to, WBT RCA’s, a brand new tube load and configuration and new Ultra Premium tubes. 100% gold plates traces and contacts on the audio board and power supply. Features All boards to be hand soldered New Audio board featuring transparent 0.093 thick board, 100% gold plated traces inside and on the surface Teflon by-pass caps Premium grade Cryo-treated and matched Telefunken Black Diamond tubes with matched premium resistors The new TRACC MKII audio control board that Zdenko Zivkovic has spent 10 years perfecting including fully balanced output of the audio board and optional DAC Audio board trimmers that allow you to perfectly balance both channels The sound will be optimized like a direct tube output The new matching Power Supply with transparent 0.093 thick board with 100% gold Cosmetics are 9/10 Freshly serviced by Magnum Dynalab with paper work! New tuning bulb. Flight case is perfect, has manual and remote Current production tuner with a list price of $11,000