Maurice Blackburn - Musiques De L'O.N.F. / Music Of The N.F.B. - Volume 1 (Sealed)



All information provided in French and English Composers not named on the cover, but importance of these credits to their careers justifies elevation to "Primary Artist" status. Notes on gatefold interior begin with banner "Musique sans image" (left) & "Audio without visual" (right) English description from back cover: "This album offers an unusual opportunity to discover the "sound dimensions" of the National Film Board of Canada. This is not, however, a matter of "film music" or "theme songs". The sound tracks to be found here, detached from their visuals, taken in their totality, assume the character of parallel, autonomous works. We wished to draw attention to the fact that the NFB has produced sound tracks in which a true spirit of research has been able to express itself with great freedom. This album shows that Norman McLaren is not only an animation artist of repute, but that he is also an imaginative musician and inventor of sound put directly on film, using animation techniques, either manually or by photography. We wished also to pay homage to NFB composers - authentic film-makers - craftsmen essential to the achievement of a film. Thus we find those "musician film-makers" of the Board - Maurice Blackburn, Eldon Rathburn and Alain Clavier - as well as some others who have been interested in the relation of sound to image. Produced by the Sound Concept Studio of the National Film Board of Canada, these discs cover the period 1952-1971, the period preceding the establishment of the studio in 1971 when electro-acoustic technology was made available to the Board's composers." Copyright credits on lower back cover. (c) Office national du film du Canada - 1977 (c) National Film Board of Canada - 1977 "Imprime au Canada" This release contains music from the following films: Blinkity Blank (1955) by Norman McLaren This source also credits Rhythmetic (1956) by Norman McLaren This source also credits Evelyn Lambart La courte échelle (1964) by Jacques Giraldeau No online source has been found for this film Canon (1964) by Norman McLaren Christmas Cracker (1963) by Gerald Potterton The NFB source is a 9 minute film by three filmmakers and two composers, including the Potterton/Blackburn collaboration La forme des choses (1965) by Jacques Giraldeau Jour après jour (1965) by Clément Perron Neighbours (1952) by Norman McLaren Dimensions soleils (1970) by Raymond Brousseau This source also credits Bernard Longpré Metadata (1971) by Peter Foldès This source also credits Maurice Blackburn