Spica TC-50 with Stands (Spica Sub is also available- ask for details)

The TC-50 is a deceptively simple two-way loudspeaker based on a 6-1/2 inch acoustically suspended woofer and a 1 inch dome type tweeter. Its crossover network is truly state-of-the-art, in parts quality, circuit layout and, of course, design. The compact speaker is the result of exhaustive research and the latest technology in computer assisted optimization. Designer John Bau had indeed pushed the limits with tools available for the period, creating a time-aligned design with remarkable imaging qualities. Close tolerances were maintained during production and units were serialized to ensure a optimal left/right matching. The TC-50 was produduced in Walnut and Oak wood laminates, glossy black vinyl laminate and there was a single run of 10 in glossy piano black finish. John Bau stated "Opus One [Pennsylvania] (who sold more TC50's than anyone by far) wanted to offer a black finished cabinet. Their owner, Tasso Spanos, wanted a "real" piano black. We (i.e. Spica and the cabinet maker) weren't sure it could be done in a cost-effective manner, so we all agreed to do a run of ten. After finishing them, the cabinet maker said no way, he would have to charge a hefty premium for them. So after that we went for a vinyl black laminate, which I thought looked pretty good."