The Mothers - Freak Out! ( 1st Canadian pressing - Hot Spots add Vinyl is VG+/NM)



1st cat# on cover, 2nd cat# on labels Label radius text; "Manufactured in Canada by Quality Records Limited under license from Metro-Goldwyn-Meyer., Inc., registered owner of the trade mark Verve" Label logo; "Verve Records - Stereophonic Living Sound Fidelity" (with 'Stereophonic' in silver 'panoramic' box) Technical : the stereo channels are flipped compared to the USA stereo release from 1966 (left on right, right on left). 1st issue V6-5005-2 sleeve, with "Freak Out - Hot Spots" map/poster offer printed on the right-hand inside of the gatefold jacket. Errors on Label are as follows - Side one : 'Go Cry on Somebody Else's Shoulder' is listed on the record label as "Go Cry on Somebody's Else's Shoulder". Side three: 'Trouble Every Day' is listed on the record label as "Trouble Comin' Every Day". Side four: 'The Return of the Son of Master Magnet, (Unfinished Ballet in Two Tableaux)' is listed on the label as "(Unfinished Ballet in Two Tableaus)". "Tableaus" appears as part of the song title on the label for the track on Side D, "Tableaux" appears as part of the song title for the track on the inside of the gatefold.