Sell your records and audio equipment


We are always interested in buying well-cared-for record collections and quality vintage audio equipment.

We buy rock, jazz, blues, français, classical, country, bluegrass, punk, metal, reggae/ska, funk, soul, folk, spoken word and many other genres. We also by 45 rpm 7 inch singles and blues 78 rpm records. We have purchased several very large collections in the past several years. No collection is too large or too small to be of interest to us.

You can bring in small batches of records for sale or trade anytime.

If you have a larger collection you would like to sell, contact us to arrange a time to bring it in to the store for appraisal. Remember that we have free parking at our front door with additional parking at our back door too.

For even larger collections, we are happy to make a house call.

Audio Equipment

We love refurbishing and reselling quality vintage turntables, so we are always on the lookout for vintage tables by Thorens, Dual, Technics, Garrard, Lenco, Ariston, Linn, Oracle, Systemdek, Rega, Pro-ject, Denon, Micro Seiki … to name just a few.

We buy audio gear and speakers of all kinds, including Tannoy, McIntosh, Electro Voice, Klipsch, Pioneer, Luxman, NAD, Onkyo, Fisher, and Quad. Again, these are just a few examples of brands we are interested in purchasing. Please give us a call with the details of the equipment you’d like to sell.

Call us about your records and/or audio equipment:

John Thompson, owner
mobile: (613) 878-5740
store: (613) 695-4577